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Eino Heiskanen


Eino Heiskanen started his acting studies in Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2011. In his years of studies he held roles in plays in establishments such as
Suomen Kansallisteatteri and Ryhmäteatteri.

Heiskanen graduated as a Master of Theater Arts
in 2016 and he was ensembled as part of
Kuopion kaupunginteatteri in 2017.

His assignments in performing arts include
the role of Aapo in the classic Aleksis Kivi play Seitsemän veljestä, and he has played the role of the iconic Rocky
in the Rocky Horror Show theatre play. 





Aku Louhimies (2017)

Film & TV


Eino Heiskanen played the role of Riitaoja in the movie Unknown Soldier. This version was directed by Aku Louhimies in 2017, and it is the third film version of the Väinö Linna classic novel Tuntematon Sotilas.

The Louhimies version of Unknown Soldier is known for its realistic human connection and the human approach for war. It shifts the focus on the diverse stories of each soldier in person, and the human feelings in the middle of it all.

This movie brings out the core themes in the Linna novel such as companionship, fear, bravery, and the utter madness of war.


Film & TV


Sorjonen, known internationally as Bordertown, is a Finnish crime drama series that started on Yle TV1 channel in October 2016. The show concentrates on a talented criminal investigator Kari Sorjonen and his family. Kari Sorjonen is played by Ville Virtanen.

Eino Heiskanen plays in the role of Toni Kanerva in Season 3





Film & TV

Redeemers by Miro Laiho and Niko Kelkka is a Finnish film that premiered in December 2022.  The movie is a potpourri of dense athmospheric thriller, deep dark comedy and even horror elements that breaks genre borders in an unabashed manner.

The story revolves around two doomsday cult novices, Kristoffer and Joakim, who go door-to-door proselytizing. Finally, they find themselves in a special and dangerous situation​​​​.

Eino Heiskanen plays the main character duo together with Roope Salminen.



Film & TV

Short film by Katri Järvelä

A story of estranged sibling relationship.

Anu and Johannes have to meet at their mother's funeral.

The conflicts between the siblings, both internal and external, drive them even more apart until

Johannes' familiar panic-like emotional reaction
from childhood triggers the situation
and brings out the truth.

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Film & TV

Eino Heiskanen joins the latest cast of the live comedy show Putous Season 16!

Eino brings out the blue shirt for the first time ever together with Nicklas Pohjola - both first time in Putous format.

Live TV is a new frontier for Heiskanen, and he has successfully joined the renowned format. He enjoys the challenge and all the drama and comedy that ensues before our eyes every Saturday at prime time on live TV.

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